About Mon²Sea

The goal of the cooperative project Mon²Sea is to develop and validate processes and infrastructures that can support production and logistics processes in the industrial manufacturing and installation of offshore wind energy farms from an (IT) technological point of view.


Project scope of Mon2Sea                                                                                             Reference: BIBA

The project goals can be separated into three main components.

The first component consists of a conceptual development of an IT-based research platform for the material supply. This platform shall enable the control and the real-time monitoring of components and parts as well as loading equipment that is used for the handling of large parts. Within this component, the whole supply chain shall be mapped and represented. The supply chain begins with the 1st tier supplier and leads via the manufacturer of the plant parts to the offshore installation and the return of loading equipment to the manufacturer. Due to the innovational character of the supported processes in the offshore wind energy installation, this conceptual solution serves as a main element for the weather-dependent planning and controlling of logistic processes.

Furthermore, through this platform, a transparent access mean to status and flow data for all process involved individuals shall be established. By this, forward-looking and non-proven processes aspects like a company comprehensive process optimization shall be made possible.

Another component consists of the stochastic planning model for a weather dependent installation and assembling planning for the offshore construction of wind energy farms. This planning tool is based on the information that is generated by the real time monitoring and extends it with a module for planning. With the real time data, the model can provide support for several process aspects in the supply chain. These aspects could be the planning of construction vessel capacity, stock optimization and the calculation of emergency plans caused by weather changes or time constraints.

The third component is made up by an infrastructure consisting of innovative information and communication technology. By the use of Tracking & Tracing strategies as well as adjusted identification and localization automatisms, meaningful information about the material flow can be generated.

Basing on the interaction of these three components, the complex system can be developed. Therefore, configuration and tests of the respective hardware as well as solutions from the wearable IT field are conducted as a main element of the research project.

Further Information can be taken from the from the brief project description.